Where It All Began ...
Thank you in advance for your precious time to stop by my shop and read my story!
I'm Luna - the creator and maker of LunaLandSupply!
If you're here, I know you love craft, DIY and all the handmade thingy. Me too! I'm a craft lover who likes making gifts for family and friends. If you were my friend, you would be tired of receiving handmade stuffs from me :))
I started my shop back in 2017 on Etsy selling handmade ribbon roses. I was a bachelor and I didn't like the major I chose in college when I really got a job in real life! So I wanted to know if selling my crafts online working? Although it was slow at first and I wasn't able to leave my job any sooner, I received so much love from my customers which fired me up.
about lunalandsupply
I tried to add more options and expand my shop. Thankfully, I received more and more order and made as same as my day job! Yay! I left my job in 2018 and moved to the US in 2019.
I'm now residing in the sunny Bay Area, California. Although there's still a long way to go, I'm happy to turn my love for DIY into a full-time gig!
Cause makers gonna make!
As a maker myself, I know the importance of high quality supplies! They could be perfect tool to take your projects to the next level or they could waste your time and ruin your projects!
Quality is my number 1 concern
I got inspired from poor quality craft supply. Christmas 2016, I bought several flower packs for my card making project and I had to throw away half of them due to very bad quality. Therefore since the very beginning of LunaLandSupply, quality has always been my first priority!
What Comes from the Heart, Goes to the Heart
That's what I learnt from running LunaLandSupply and it will always be my business' motto. Although I was in Vietnam, I got orders from all over the world!
I still remember the happy feeling of those first days shipping my beautiful crafts to all the continents: America, Europe, Middle East, Australia and South America! Above that my customers keep coming back to me and I even became friends to some of them!
What My Lovely Customers Want to Tell You
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