1. What are my best sellers?

I’m proud to tell you my Satin Roses has always been my No.1 seller. To be fair, my whole business started with those tiny cute roses. It was just an experience but it proved to be working! And till now both my old and new customers love them! I have so many repeated customers keep coming back for the roses, especially the one and only Triple Rose Bunches.

You can take a look at my best seller here:  Satin Roses

2. Why people are choosing LunaLandSupply

The reason I started my craft supplies store was because of poor quality supplies. As a crafter myself, I know the importance of good supplies. They can implement and take your project to the next level or ruin your time and effort! 

Therefore, quality or attention to details is always my number 1 concern. My mission is to save you time and enhance whatever you are making from headband, greeting cards to costume design.  

Here are what my customers are talking about my products: 

Have fun shopping!